Who is Racket Productions?

Racket productions is an independent movie company founded by the Metin Bros. Halil & Boss. We are primarily known for our first feature no budget film Corn Cracker (based on a true story).

  • Racket Productions exists since 2004 and is mainly engaged in producing feature films and script development. We are an independent company that wants to profile in the film industry by a higher standard, different and fresh perspective on cinema and recruiting new talent in the film industry.

  • Racket productions is driven by its responsibility to make a positive difference. Our goal has always been about creating and sharing high quality, engaging stories even though we didn’t have much money to spend. We know our company could have grown a lot faster had we tried to ride trends, but instead we chose to make movies which we love to make.

    We made Corn Cracker back in 2011 ourselves with volunteers and amateurs during our free time between work. Over the last years we have grown as artists, we’ve always been passionate about movies.

    But after making our first no budget movie Corn Cracker we felt the desire to challenge ourselves with the ultimate test. And we could do with a budget. The timing is right now. We don’t have  to rely on an outside studio, (and therefore we don’t have to change our casting preferences).

    We’re far better equipped to make a film with a budget after learning SO much through the making of Corn Cracker.. And we’ve already created a hype in our hometown. It’s finally time.

  • Racket Productions is committed to helping emerging filmmakers develop their skills and bring their vision to life. It’s part of our commitment we are collaborating with the independent Filmmakers Projects to develop new initiatives that are designed to advance the careers of emerging Filmmakers.

Crowdfund "Raw Punch"

We were (are) so nervous about crowd funding. This is not something we just thought up doing overnight. We’ve never asked our supporters for financial support, and we have no idea how they’d respond. But the reality is, making movies costs money. Running a company requires money, with staff, crew, bills and fees to pay for.

But through all the years we’ve never once asked to be paid. Instead we found ways to raise funds through sponsored projects and the merchandise we design. These are the things that keep Racket Productions running normally, but now we want to make a movie that stands out between all the others. Making a feature film with a budget is going to give us the ability to make a classic. We want the best possible quality elements in planning, on set, and in post production. Unfortunately, all this is why we need your help to make it a reality.

We’re asking for €250.000 euro which sounds like a lot, but in the real world, it wouldn’t even be considered a ”micro-budget” film! This is still a truly independent film, being made with sacrifice and passion.

  • Jimmie is lawyer with a ”gambling” habit looking for a big-time score. And he thinks he’s found it in VELMA, the sexy wife of ”Left eye FRANKIE, a casino runner for the mob who handles millions. Velma has a ”noise” habit and in order to keep it a secret from her husband she didn’t quit her habit she owes the local loanshark SAMMY the JUICE big time.

    Left eye Frankie finds out about his wife’s ”Debt” to sammy and closes her account. In revenge of what Frank did, Velma tells Jim about a High Roller Game.

    Jim brings ELLROY(aka E. MONEY) and TONY DUBLINER (aka T. DUB) ex marines whom he knew from Afghanistan into the game and they rob Left eye Frankie’s place.

    JOHAN DeWITT, the BOSS of left eye Frankie holds him responsible for the robbery and hires a ice cold killer, VINCENT STONE to make sure his casino’s will never be run down again. Left eye Franky goes down and our ”friends” think that they are safe.

    Like a jinxed poker chips, they are forced to play a bloody game of fast shuffling with the ice-cold killer VINCENT. The game has begun.

  • We’re aiming to start schooting in July! At the moment, our script is written and we have been in preproduction the last few years. Securing locations, getting paperwork in order, assembling our crew and casting. The funds raised will directly and immediately into use for project.

  • What’s a Stretch Goal? Basically, if we pass our funding goal of €250k, we’re not just going to celebrate and waste all the extra money. We’ll put those extra euros right back into creating more awesome projects that we know our fans love and are waiting for. Here’s what we’ll create if we go above and beyond!

    The Trigger Man: a hitman with only two fingers on his each hands who finds out that he is chasing himself when he gets a new contract.

    The Bank: It’s not your ordinary robbery it’s a robbery with a twist.

    The Gentleman: A high Class thief is involved in a ingenieus heist which takes place in Istanbul.

Closing words

We’ve NEVER reached out to raise money like this before and we can’t wait to get you all involved through these perks and this campaign as a whole. We’re relying on you to move us forward.

Hereby we once again appeal to you to help us spread the word of this campaign to all your friends and family.

Please tweet, facebook, blog, email! Let’s get as many people involved! We can’t wait to make this movie.


If you have a question or want to get in touch use the form